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We say at Resurrection Life NYC that following Jesus changes everything. Often, though, our growth is limited due to the hurts and hang-ups we bring into our Christian journey from our past.

To help us know ourselves better, we are spending the next six weeks in a series of sermons called Emotionally Healthy Spirituality. The series will open the door to becoming more emotionally mature even as we become more spiritually mature. We will be running an Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Life Group on Wednesday nights at 7pm.


Summer is a great time for relaxing and connecting with others. In fact, when we read about Jesus' ministry, he seemed to always be either going to or coming from a meal. There is something spiritual about sharing a meal with another person. That is why our summer emphasis includes food along with great conversation as we share meals in homes with one another. Throughout July and August, individuals and families from the church will be hosting different Summer Dinner Parties, and you are invited to attend one or all of them!

To sign up for a summer dinner party, click here!